Alan Chait
5420 E. Bell Rd., #120
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Direct: 602-482-1142
602-482-1100 ext 110

Fax 602-482-1127
Skype: greenwayprint

or email me through this contact form.

About Greenway Print Solutions

Greenway Print Solutions is a Marketing Solutions Provider offering mobile phone and other marketing solutions. We utilize QR Codes on print and promotional products to quickly let your customers broaden their experience via the mobile internet. We help meet your business marketing goals through social media, mobile web technology, QR Codes and Microsoft tags. This is all amazing technology.

Ranked #73 in the US by the PSDA, we are a trusted provider of print, promotional, apparel and print technology products and  are your single point of contact for a wide array of products and services that are essential for your business.  You will value our honest business practices which have earned us long-term relationships.  Your satisfaction is our measure of success.

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